Po angielsku / Poems in English

I Am More of …

I am more of the future
than of today.
I believe in man’s wisdom,
I believe it will grow,
surpassing the strength
of all the oaks
of our small earth.

The arrogant may
still batter the tender
the gentle, the meek;
but I see the day
when this outrage
has passed

„Więcej we mnie”
translated by Neil S. Snider


A friend
takes from your shoulders
some of the silence
that is a burden
than rocks.

translated by Neil S. Snider.

If you have a place in somebody’s heart

If you have a place
in somebody’s heart,
then reside where you will,
it is home.

The tender words,
the warm concern
live on within.

In alien places
they shelter you
as a rosebush
the nest of a tiny bird.

„Jeśli masz czyjeś serce”
translated by Neil S. Snider.

Tiny Nest Remains

Somebody scared him away
from this tuft of anemones,
from the shade of this hawthorn.

Someone has frightened him so
he will never again return.
No more will he trust these flowers,
these branches, this humid grass.

Only his tiny nest remains,
and still warm.

„Gniazdo opuszczone przez ptaka”
translated by Neil S. Snider.


I look
for Poetry
in books
on pages
filled with uneven rows of words,
and yet I know
she seldom visits you
who versify.

At times I meet her
frightened by sight of man.
She releases the branches of trees
that they might bloom.
She walks in untended gardens
of my old friends.

It is said
she has gone mad
from so much solitude.

translated by Neil S. Snider.


august mellow green,
flowering on church spires
and on rooftops
billowing through the centuries.

Necklace, virescent
as eucalyptus leaves,
patiently burnished
on the skin of a woman.

And lit by the desert sun
gray-green columns
of eastern temples
recalling the ancient Persians.

„Zasadowy węglan miedzi”
translated by Neil S. Snider.

*The chemical formula of malachite and of patina is CuCO3 . CO(OH2)


An arc
Shatters the air
Between the generator’s

A new substance emerges,
(From the Greek:

It abounds
On mountaintops,

Has healing qualities.

It encloses silver
In a black mantle,
Flares up
If handled carelessly.

It brightens dark indigo
And purifies water.

Its functions
A poem’s.

translated by Neil S. Snider.

A Chess Game

You always succeed in trapping my queen,
and you preface your moves with endearing hesitation.
Perhaps, though, we would do better
to look into each others’ eyes
and not to study the board,
to kiss and not to compete.

You glance up. It seems the wish
that is growing within me
is somehow known to you.
Don’t tighten your formation.
Don’t worry over your strategy. Your foe will be simply disposed of.

This is not my way of winning: I want your love,
and that has to do with life,
not with a game.

This game doesn’t mean much to me,
but I won’t be careless,
knowing how happiness grows and declines.

You capture my major pieces,
all the time gloating over
your well thought out position…
while I see us at the beginning
of one of life’s beautiful ventures.

But if disappointment
is all that will come of this?…

Soon you will checkmate – for the hundredth time –
and you don’t conceal the grin
of one who anticipates victory
and already savors it.

„Partia szachów”
translated by Neil S. Snider.

Nameless Time

Without me
there would be no time.

Only mankind
has named it:

We feel its course through our bodies,
we make it live among stars,
we have found ways
to give it quantity.
When in this boundless space
man is no more,
it too will vanish.
become nameless,
like a forest gone up in smoke.

„Czas nienazwany”
translated by Neil S. Snider



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