The Sarmatian Review 1/2005

W styczniowym numerze „The Sarmatian Review” Wojciech Kajtoch pisze o o książce „Myśli o szczęściu”.

An important leitmotif of the volume is the irreversible lapse of time. The poet uses two scales to measure it: the personal one (childhood and youth pass, what lasts is friendship and love) and cultural. Time measured with the second set of scales does not disintegrate. Houses, places (“The Old-Town Market Square in Prague” and “Jewish Cemetery in Prague”) and even furniture (“The Old Cupboard”) preserve the life, work, and ideas of entire generations. I presume the poet’s conviction of the vitality of tradition must have won the hearts of readers in Israel.


The Sarmatian Review

 The Sarmatian Review (Volume XXIII, No. 1/2003) zamieścił informację o książce „Dwuskrzydłe światło”:

The attractiveness of this book lies not only in the wonderful common sense which the poet weaves into her poetic texts, but also in the fact that it is a bilingual Polish-Ukrainian publication. (…)

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